Collaboration is a core of the YouTube experience, and Tyler Oakley takes each August to celebrate that with his annual Auguest, a month of collaborations between Oakley and a rotating cast of fellow YouTubers.
Auguest is more than just a big-name celebrity appearance. It’s 19 other videos across each weekday of August. Oakely filmed the videos over a two-month span, but has been planning the event for much longer.
For each collaboration, Oakley said he took into account his history with the YouTuber, what their fans want from them, and what he’ll ultimately enjoy.
“It would be if I had time to chill out and hang with friends, but that’s not the case,” Oakley explained. “I was filming two sets of videos the day I got there, and then another set the next day, and then Summer in the City, and then at night I flew back to America. There was no time for anything except filming. It’s been the busiest craziest, summer of my life.”
There’s no rest for the ambitious, and Oakley says he’ll kick off September with two major announcements on Sept. 2.
“They’re the biggest projects that I’ve ever attempted,” Oakley said. “Auguest is tiny compared to what’s coming.”

(Source: losttroylerworld, via losttroylerworld)